Match Reports 16/12/19

Match Reports from this weekend’s games:


The Firsts had a tough match ahead on Saturday. We knew a win was within our grasp, we just had to pull it out the bag! Much like the rest of our matches so far this season – we started out super strong. Goal for goal. Until half way through, perhaps 8-8 (ish). Then Nomads got a cheeky goal or two and we let it get to our heads, and with deflated spirits we let them run ahead with this momentum and we finished the first half 18-11. With the team talk we desperately needed from Donald at half time, we went back out there to prove a point. We knuckled down and managed to finish the game 29-23, meaning we won the second half by 1! It’s slightly annoying, as it shows we could have done it if we had the right psychology in the first half! But a positive note, is that we definitely know we can beat them next time! We have to carry our performance from the start, and from the second half of that game into the next one! And forget those pesky 15 mins that lost us the game!! Have a great Christmas


Another week another tough game for the seconds. This week we came out on top after a tight game ending 12-13!!! We were behind for most of the game but showed determination and resilience to drag out a win! A low scoring game characterised by strong defence from both sides. I’m going to be honest I don’t remember any of the second half but I’ve heard it was a great team effort and thank all of the seconds for getting us through! MVP Sophie. To be fourth in the table at Christmas is a huge achievement and something we will look to build on in the new year!!!


Another very close game for Thunder 3 this weekend as we were edged by one goal by a very experienced Gloucester Lions. After being reduced to 9-3 just before half time we did what we always do, found some rhythm started playing our own game and gradually reeled Lions back in. After leveling the scores at 14 all with 5 minutes to play Lions tightened their defence and stopped us finding that last goal. Despite the loss we all agreed the played some of our best Korfball of the season with 8 different scorers and 8 different assisters its clear that the first half of the season has seen us develop into a strong team capable of taking on any team in the league no matter what their position is in the table. Two draws and two 1 goal losses in the first half of the season sets us up for hopefully some very strong results in the second half. Bring on 2020! MVPs Stephen and Sammy

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