What is Korfball?

Korfball is a ball sport similar to basketball and netball. The overall objective of the game is to throw a ball into the opposition’s basket. Simple right?

Korfball is one of few sports in which men and women compete together side-by-side on a pitch. Each 8 player team is split into two divisions each made up of 2 boys and 2 girls. The game’s pitch is split into two halves with one divison playing in the attacking half and the other in the defending half. Divisions switch halves every two goals.

What makes Korfball truly unique is that it is an sport with absolute equality at it’s heart. There are no set positions in Korfball; no one is marked as a shooter or defender or goal keeper. For a good team to function well, all players must be prepared to take up any role.

As a club we both train and play indoors making Korfball an ideal winter sport!

For more info or just a much better explanation of how the game is played check out the video below.