Nights Out

Bristol Thunder isn’t just about playing an obscure Dutch ball game, we also like to go out… quite a lot.

We head to the pub after training on Mondays and after most home matches, there are frequent socials at the weekends and Thunderers often meet up for drinks, board games and pub quizzes. In fact I’m struggling to remember a week going by when I didn’t meet up with some club mates for a few drinks.

Check out the pictures below of some of our recent social events, and make sure you join our Facebook group to keep abreast of future happenings!

Summer Tournaments

As a club we take part in a number of outdoor tournaments in summer. These are always a more relaxed style of korfball with a strong emphasis on a having fun playing and having a few beers with other clubs in the evening. Most of these tournaments take place in England however we often travel abroad to France and The Netherlands.

Check out some pictures of our recent adventures below: