Match Reports 27/2/19

A mixed bag this week, so we’ll start with a positive one from Anna Howbrook with the 4ths:

On Sunday we had another eventful journey down to Exeter and another win, beating Exeter Uni 11-7.
We started well with 2 goals from Lewis and Pav, both disallowed but still a promising start.
By half time we were leading 5-2 and in the second half we were going just as strong getting to 10-7 when Eleanor took a hard elbow to the temple. She has now made a full recovery but at the time we had to leave her on courtside with an icepack on her face and play the last few minutes down to 7 players. One of the highlights was in the very last second, as the ball was mid-air the ref blew the final whistle and Chester got the 11th goal!

MVPs Ellie and Chester Burbidge

Slightly less upbeat were the 2s with Alex Webb:

Saturday became a day that the seconds would rather forget as they lost 14-19 to Exeter. At times we played well but a few lapses in concentration at key parts cost us. We all wish Chris Rainforth (who got injured after 5 mins) a speedy recovery. Feelings were improved by the thirds thumping Exeter the following day and the encouraging words of coach Jake Cooper. We will come back fighting this weekend, Bristol city better watch out!

The 1s had another hard NL game at the weekend, from which Rebecca Fitch has this to report:

On Sunday the Firsts travelled to play the mighty Bec. With absolute heroes Webby and Kyran Evans-Beale making the journey to sub for us! Thank you so much, we really really appreciate it! Bec started off strong but after the first ten minutes of settling in, our defence was strong too! However we were shocked in attack, Bec’s defence is so zonal and full on that the opportunities that we managed to get were rushed. We managed to score just the one and finish the first half 13-1. We had a bit of a reality check at half time, recognising that we were playing with bad mentality – with a defeatist attitude and not giving the attack our all. So with renewed vigour we went into the second half determined to score more. It turns out we also upped our defence, as the score in the second half was 11-5 – perfectly respectable. Ur due to our poor first half the score was 24-6. Just to note, Ky came on 10 minutes towards the end against an England U21 player and absolutely smashed it! Cheers guys, we’ve got a week off this week and then Kingfisher on the 10th. Bring it on!

And to finish on a GREAT note, Tom Franks with the 3s!!

The 3rds won SWKA 2 this weekend with an awesome 32-5 victory over Exeter! And that’s without mentioning Samuel’s three missed penalties in a row. MVPs were Stephen Wood and Abby Fryett but really everyone should’ve been as I thought we all genuinely played brilliantly. It was the first game I’ve ever played when every single player got on the scoresheet! Even more rare than this was Michael Greenland not celebrating smugly for even one of his six goals! It was also to nice to have Philip in the team being classic Phil. Same as last week, a big thank you to Ben Smith for his great coaching and Beth Ryan for reffing & the celebratory drinks! The next challenge for us is to win our last 3 games and finish the season with a clean sweep of victories!

Club training is back on this eve, see you all there!!

Match Reports 22/2/19

Match reports from the last two weekends!!!

First up, the 4s!

From the week before last, interim Captain Alex Hawkins had this to say:

Bristol Uni 2 9 – 10 Bristol Thunder 4

Thunder 4 continued their winning ways to make it 5 on the trot in a match tinged with significance. Bristol Uni 2, confident after their BUCS success were looking to do the double on us and leapfrog Thunder to take 2nd in the table. To add to the tension, Thunder were playing with just 7 players (Luckily it turns out Sammy is worth 2).

We got off to a good start, but the depleted attack were struggling to find a rhythm at first. Solid-as-always defence kept us just a couple of goals behind until our tactical brilliance came through and even with just 3 players we STILL brought the Thunder.

We were either holding the lead or drawing for much of the game, quickly replying any time Uni levelled the score and in a tense final few minutes we really kept our cool and didn’t give anything away, edging the lead and holding it well.

Some excellent goals and solid performances all round – now we look ahead to next weeks much-anticipated Thunder 3 vs Thunder 4 rematch, will anybody be able to stop the mighty 3s unbeaten season? (don’t ruin our goal difference too much pls)

First and Second in the league – solid work Thunder

Rohanna Morris and Alex

Then from last weekend, Captain Anna Howbrook reported:

This weekend we got to play our toughest competition in SWKA 2, our good mates in Thunder 3.
We played well in the first half but despite this we were down 11-0 at half time.
In the second half, the score was much better. Ky scored a great long shot to get us on the score sheet. This was followed by 2 more goals from Ky and a super long shot from Russ. Well done to Tim MurRay who’s first match this was. And to Ky for getting fourths 100th goal of the season. And thanks to Justin for being our last minute coach.
MVPs Kyran and Sammy Moore

Next up, from the 3s – Tom Franks had this to say about their Derby game:

The 3rds had a tough test in a very warm city academy against the 4ths on the weekend but ended up marching on towards the title by winning 17-3(?)! Stephen Wood played particularly well with his 4 goals. Many thanks to Beth Ryan for reffing and Ben Smith for coaching, and it was nice for everyone to be there to say goodbye to @Justin Dean! If we win our next game against Exeter city then we have definitely won the title!

Then from the 1s – Rebecca Fitch, el Capitan on Sunday’s game:

The first team travelled to Epsom to play Nomads, who we’d previously only lost to 21-20. The match started and Nomads sunk the first two goals. Thunder then kicked in and got our first goal, meaning that we were officially in the game but having to chase. Nomads were about 6 ahead, when Thunder absolutely stormed it, and with about 10 minutes before the end of the first half, we were only 2 down. But with a lapse in focus, Nomads managed to finish the first half 15-9. We were still very much in this game, if we came out stronger in the second half and didn’t let them run away with it. We put in maximum effort, but our shots weren’t always dropping (apart from @Lizzie’s) and Nomads we’re getting some very clever goals. With a couple of defended calls from the ref (unfair) and some very tough front defence to tackle, Nomads started edging away throughout the second half. Shout out to super subs Sarah Paine and Adam Mason, great performances when you came on!! Nomads won 28-16 in the end, lots to work on for the rest of the season 🌩

And finally, from the terrific 2’s captain Webby!

On this Saturday’s game against Farnborough:

The seconds winning run sadly came to an end on Saturdays as we lost 17-29??? to farnborough. At times we were able to go toe to toe with them and forced them into an early change to try to get the better of us and call a timeout at 4-4. Unfortunately a combination of their super sub and some amazing shooting they started to pull away. Massive thank you to shotclocker Chester Burbidge, scoreboarder Matthew Paterson and coach jake. A huge well done to all those who stepped up and made their 2018-2019 second team debut Philip ManavopoulosMichael GreenlandSophie Higgins and Clare Wtsn. Next up is a must win match against Exeter!

Lets go smash this weekend’s games guys!!!